Dress suits now occupy a dark corner of the closet, while sweatpants and jeans are the daily clothing choices for those of us working from home. This seismic wardrobe shift is having a profound effect across the global supply chain, impacting everyone from sheep farmers to business attire chains. 

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COVID-19 has left employee workforces separated from their country of assignment.  To continue operations, employers transitioned employees to work-from-home or other virtual work arrangements. Globally, tax authorities are considering how to address unintended corporate and individual tax consequences of displaced individuals physically present within a particular jurisdiction and those who are also performing business activities within such jurisdiction due to travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders.

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Here at Mayer Brown in Northern California, we get no kick from (virtual) champagne. And it’s hard to capture the flourish of clinking glasses online in the WFH environment. So, we honored our retiring partner (and new senior counsel) Jon Jaffe with a “Hat’s Off” Party. Each of our NorCal colleagues showed up ready to

Recent stay-at-home orders require us to spend more and more time on video chats from our make-shift home offices.  The indelible Tom Ford offers some easy tips that can help even us lawyers.  The highlights (and I don’t mean hair or cheekbones) are as follows:

  • Elevate your computer on a stack of books to a

At Mayer Brown in Northern California, we miss seeing our colleagues in the office.   One way we’ve been keeping up our sense of community, and sharing stories and laughs with each other, is by getting together for regular virtual lunches.

Last week, the whole office, lawyers and staff, got together for a Bring Your Pet (Virtually) to Work lunch.  Special guests that included Gray’s blood python, Red, and his bearded dragon, Sushi.  (As you’ll see, Red played to the crowd, acting up to the delight of David’s son Owen and Peter’s son Mason.)  Elspeth brought her cat, The Imp (the “T” is always capitalized), Mary brought Mochi and Ninja and Joy brought Joplin (as in Janice).

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As the Covid-19 virus continues to wreak havoc, governments around the world are urging companies to organise remote working for their staff – wherever possible.

While this is a positive development for public health and economic considerations, companies should be aware that migrating all employees to home working could create additional challenges in software license compliance. As it turns out, remote access is the easiest way to quickly become non-compliant with many software vendors.

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Automatic Extensions Benefiting Foreign Nationals

The United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) Cabinet has approved certain new decisions in relation to the extension of several existing permits as the country steps up precautionary measures to contain the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new decisions are aimed to protect people’s health and safety and ensure business continuity at all sectors:

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The United Kingdom, like the United States, has formally announced an alternative, temporary method by which employers may conduct right to work (RTW) checks during the coronavirus pandemic, when employers have instituted telecommuting and work-from-home arrangements and thus are onboarding newly hired employees remotely.  Because it remains an offence in the United Kingdom to knowingly employ anyone who does not have the right to work in the UK, these temporary measures provide a practical means for an employer to conduct these checks and verify a worker’s right to work when employees are telecommuting during the COVID-19 period.

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This is clearly going to be front and centre of many employers’ thinking, given the news on Wednesday 18 March from the United Kingdom that schools are to close indefinitely for all but key workers and “the most vulnerable”. How are employees expected to combine new childcare duties with continuing to work either from home or at a work location?

The short answer is that there is no short answer and there is going to be no substitute for effective dialogue between employees and their employer. We suggest some questions that may help.

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