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The COVID-19 pandemic has raised a number of issues specific to public companies that file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Among the issues impacted by COVID-19 that the speakers we will discuss in this webcast will be:

  • Risk factors and forward-looking information disclosures
  • Other SEC disclosure topics
  • Earnings releases, earnings

As a result of market volatility related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies may be at risk of losing their status as well-known seasoned issuers (“WKSIs”) under the federal securities laws. Our blog post reviews the requirements for WKSI status.

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If you wish

For public companies concerned about steep declines in their day-to-day market cap in this volatile environment and how that volatility may impact their status as a large accelerated, accelerated or non-accelerated (including a small reporting company) filer, our blog post includes a few reminders relating to the relevant determination dates.

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