Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Today is September 11, and of course this is a date that will be remembered through history as the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City. I’d like to take this opportunity to extend my thoughts to those whose lives were particularly affected by those attacks. 

Social-distancing rules are still the order of the day in most US cities, and sticking to daily routines is tough when we’re all stuck inside. This can be especially true for exercise (where’s the motivation to break a sweat when a comfy couch is always close by?).

While we may still be physically apart, Mayer

Here at Mayer Brown in Northern California, we get no kick from (virtual) champagne. And it’s hard to capture the flourish of clinking glasses online in the WFH environment. So, we honored our retiring partner (and new senior counsel) Jon Jaffe with a “Hat’s Off” Party. Each of our NorCal colleagues showed up ready to

Recent stay-at-home orders require us to spend more and more time on video chats from our make-shift home offices.  The indelible Tom Ford offers some easy tips that can help even us lawyers.  The highlights (and I don’t mean hair or cheekbones) are as follows:

  • Elevate your computer on a stack of books to a

Although it is uncertain what the likely long-term impacts of the pandemic on the development industry will be, the short-term impacts are clearly significant.

The real estate development industry is looking to the Government for immediate relief in the following areas:

  • automatic extension of the deadline for commencement of development under planning permissions;
  • the introduction

At Mayer Brown in Northern California, we miss seeing our colleagues in the office.   One way we’ve been keeping up our sense of community, and sharing stories and laughs with each other, is by getting together for regular virtual lunches.

Last week, the whole office, lawyers and staff, got together for a Bring Your Pet (Virtually) to Work lunch.  Special guests that included Gray’s blood python, Red, and his bearded dragon, Sushi.  (As you’ll see, Red played to the crowd, acting up to the delight of David’s son Owen and Peter’s son Mason.)  Elspeth brought her cat, The Imp (the “T” is always capitalized), Mary brought Mochi and Ninja and Joy brought Joplin (as in Janice).

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