Starting January 15, 2022 at midnight, the Japanese government announced that all entrants into Japan will be subject to 10 day self-quarantine measures. This is a notable reduction from the 14 day quarantine measures that have been reinstated since November 30, 2021. Additional details on the shortened quarantine measures, including the impact on

Due to the emergence of the Omicron variant, effective November 30, 2021 all new foreign travelers are in principle banned from entering Japan.  This ban on foreign entry will be effective for a month and may be extended further depending on the infection rates in Japan and globally.  Visa applications and valid new visa holders are also prevented from entering the country.

The recent measures to allow entry into the country for business travel and reduce quarantine to three days have also been suspended.  All travelers, regardless of nationality or vaccination status, are now required to quarantine for 14 days.  Daily permitted entry into the country has also been reduced from 5,000 travelers (which was announced just this past Friday) back down to 3,500 travelers.

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11月5日に官報(Federal Register)で公告[1]された、米労働省・労働安全衛生管理局(OSHA)の、コロナウイルス・ワクチン接種及びウィルス検査[2]に関する緊急暫定基準(ETS)[3]の主要なポイント及び留意点は以下の通りです。より詳細な解説(英文)は以下のリンクをご覧ください。

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As previously reported, starting November 8 the Japanese government will begin permitting entry into the country for business purposes of fully vaccinated foreign travelers.  Such foreign travelers and all Japanese nationals will only be subject to a three-day self-quarantine.  The requirements for business travel have not yet been formally announced, but as per a 

The Japanese government is reportedly in the process of finally opening its borders to foreign travel for short-term business travelers, international students and persons with technical skills.  Vaccinated Japanese and foreign travelers will reportedly be subject to a three-day quarantine, substantially shorter than the current 10 day quarantine measures in place for all entrants into

With dramatic declines in COVID-19 infections, Japan is removing domestic business restrictions.  Despite calls by influential business circles to reopen Japan to foreign business travelers, the country remains largely closed to all foreigners and entry for even business purposes remains in principle suspended.  For example, over 370,000 foreign nationals with Japanese government-issued precertification for entry

The Japanese government has continued strict entry restrictions for essentially all foreigners due to COVID-19. At the same time, there have been heated debates amongst government officials and Japanese business groups on whether and how to loosen the entry restrictions for business travel, which have impacted both global business and the Japanese economy since the

Effective at midnight on June 24, 2021, travelers from New York, Connecticut, Iowa and Rhode Island will no longer be subject to Japan’s stricter quarantine measures to prevent the spread of delta variant infections as previously discussed.  Also effective on June 24, travelers from the Arkansas, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and certain other

Effective June 14, travelers from California, Oakland, Nebraska and a few countries are no longer subject to the previously discussed stricter quarantine measures.  On the other hand, also effective June 14, travelers from Washington, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi and certain other countries will be subject to such stricter quarantine measures.  Japan is in a fluid