Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, directors of companies across all industry sectors, ranging from small family enterprises to large multinationals, have been working flat out to keep businesses afloat. But as life begins to return to a semblance of normality, what risks will those directors face themselves during the challenging months ahead?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new challenges for compliance departments, including a rise in market abuse risk as more staff members work from home. Lawyers in Mayer Brown’s Paris office offer insights on market manipulation risk for European banks in a May 13 article in S&P Global’s Market Intelligence publication. The article draws on Mayer

For almost all US public companies, COVID-19 has created unique and very profound challenges. For the board of directors, which is charged with overseeing the short-term and long-term health of the corporation and its business prospects, navigating the COVID-19 crisis requires careful consideration of a range of issues under these unprecedented circumstances. This post outlines

In this time of health and safety crisis management, stretched supply chains, business uncertainties, closures and remote work, integrity standards are at their most important. Ethics & compliance functions can be indispensable guides, problem solvers and value-add partners in helping companies effectively and securely navigate a new risk environment.

The COVID-19 response presents an opportunity for dynamic ethics & compliance teams to engage in new ways, and highlight the value case for compliance by applying:

  • strategic issue spotting to highlight changes in a company’s risk profile;
  • tailored approaches to support the business through the emergency period;
  • partnering in problem solving to mitigate pressure and promote conduct accountability;
  • transparent and credible communication to bring perspective on consistent values and recognized challenges; and
  • often untapped sources of team knowledge, systems and vantage points that can advance both business and compliance objectives.

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